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7 Mobile Apps That Will Dramatically Increase Your Vocabulary ... The apps build your vocabulary in a minute or two a day. ... Magoosh is an online prep company that helps graduate school applicants do better on the GRE and other exams. 4. A Word A Day Widget How to give your opinion | Learn English

IELTS Essay Structures. Knowing how to structure your IELTS Writing Task 2 essay is an essential skill that can make the difference between the getting and not getting the band score you deserve. IELTS Essay Planning: the key to getting a 7 in writing Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. Write at least 250 words. So your task is to state whether you agree or disagree with this idea, to explain your opinion, and to give examples to support your opinion. When you plan your IELTS essay, always remember your task. IELTS Essay Ideas: Is History a Waste of Time You should use the ideas given below and adapt them to the specific essay question given by IELTS. Sample IELTS Essay Question. Some people think that studying history is a waste of time while others think that it is essential to learn. Discuss both sides and give your opinion. IELTS Essay Ideas. Below are ideas for both side of the argument.

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In this lesson, i will tell you few daily use English words you should use & make your conversations better enriched. Subscribe us @ How to Improve Essay Writing (with Pictures) - wikiHow Do your teachers always mark up your essays with red ink? Are you eager to learn how to express yourself clearly and effectively? If so, there are plenty of steps you can take to improve your essay writing skills. Improve your grammar, refine your style, and learn how to structure a well-organized essay. IELTS Discuss Both Views and Give Your Opinion Lesson

Useful Linking Words and Phrases to Use in Your Essays ... add information, summarize, give ... Useful Words and Phrases to Use as Sentence Starters to Write Better ...

5 Ways to Quickly Improve Your Academic Essay Writing Skills ... This will make the tone of your essay stronger. Ensure your language is concise. Avoid transition words that don't add anything to the sentence and unnecessary wordiness that detracts from your argument. Use the right vocabulary. Know what the words you are using actually mean. How you use language is important, especially in academic essay ... How to Improve Your Essay Writing Quickly: A Step-by-Step Guide Get better and better: If you struggle with structure or clarity, practise your planning! Give yourself a limited amount of time (say, two hours), pick three previous essay questions from an exam or coursework paper, and plan your answers as thoroughly as possible. The Importance of Vocabulary in Writing | Time4Writing These games will help you practice new concepts in a fun and lasting way. And working one-on-one with a Time4Writing teacher is a great way to get feedback on your writing, including your vocabulary. Work on developing and strengthening your vocabulary, and keep your writer's "toolbox" full! More info on Grammar and Mechanics

Some people believe the aim of university education is to help graduates get better jobs. Others believe there are much wider benefits of university education for both individuals and society. Discuss both views and give your opinion. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own experience or knowledge.

Essay Writing Help | Essay Writing Services by Experts @ Best… Get Essay Writing Help and Essay Writing Services by expert writers of Livewebtutors and get assured A+ grades in your Write My Essay Assignment Guranteed. The Best Way to Expand Your Vocabulary - wikiHow Learning is ceaseless. You can cultivate an erudite persona as an adolescent--or even as an octogenarian--by building your vocabulary. Creating habits to help you learn and use the most accurate words in your language will make it easier. Vocabulary Essays: Examples, Topics, Titles, & Outlines View and download vocabulary essays examples. Also discover topics, titles, outlines, thesis statements, and conclusions for your vocabulary essay. Essay Editing Service at

In this lesson, i will tell you few daily use English words you should use & make your conversations better enriched. Subscribe us @

Writing tips | Professional Writing Service At Your Command Best If you will choose a right strategy for your essay, people understand you better. Depending on your work's type, you may use different strategies to improve your essay. We want to suggest several kinds of techniques for your writing: Repetition - this strategy will help you to convince people in something. Spanish Essay Phrases: 40 Useful Phrases for an Impressive ... Do you need to write a lot of essays in Spanish? If you do, don't worry. It's about to get a little bit easier for you because here in this article, we've listed down useful Spanish essay phrases that you can readily use in your essays. Create Better Writers Using Our Best Writing Curriculum!

IELTS Exam Preparation - IELTS Vocabulary: Essay IELTS Vocabulary: Essay ... Discuss this view and give your own opinion. Write at least 250 words. Read the following essay. Complete the answer by filling the gaps ... Essay 6 - It is better to educate boys and girls in separate ... GT Writing Task 2 (Essay Writing) Sample # 6. You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. Write about the following topic: Some people think that it is better to educate boys and girls in separate schools. Others, however, believe that boys and girls benefit more from attending mixed schools. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion. Want to Write Better? Start Reading, a Lot [Infographic] Numerous scientific researches prove the positive impact of reading on pupils and students' minds: the more you read at school, the better your vocabulary and cognitive skills become; reading helps kids define who they are, as it connects them to the rest of the whole world; moreover, books can infinitely expand your general view of this world… 30 Useful French Essay Phrases and Transition Words in French