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Persuasion Essay Draft | Work in Progress Blog Persuasion Essay Draft. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service estimates that losing just one plant species can have the trickle-down effect of losing as many as 30 other species including plants, insects, and other animal species. The extinction of these endangered species could be disastrous for these ecosystems and for humans as well. silverdolphin: Persuasive Essay Should more be done to ... should be more done to protect and preserve endangered animals. My reasons why animals should be p rotected more is because of wildlife extinction, and animal uses, such as learning about animals , and food. ... Persuasive Essay Should more be done to protect an... Simple theme. Endangered Species - Argumentative Research Paper Topics ...

If you want to learn more about extinct and endangered animals, check out some of these organizations: Defenders of Wildlife, Wildlife Conservation Society, Wildlife Alliance, African Wildlife Foundation, and the Animal Welfare Institute. They help endangered animals by finding them a new home, taking care of them temporarily if they are hurt.

Protect Endangered Species Essay - 684 Words | Cram Protect Endangered Species Essay. Around one specie dies out every year. Some animals become endangered because people are killing them for their horns, as in the case of the Black Rhino of Africa. Others become extinct because pesticides are put on the food we eat, causing the animals that eat the insects off the plant to become contaminated,... Persuasive Speech About Protecting Animals Free Essays ... The current condition of many species of animals is very severe and the extinction rate of animals is increasing with an alarming speed. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN),it calculated that the percentage of endangered species as 40 percent of all organisms in 2008.

Persuasive Essay – Endangered Species Since it's creation in 1973, The Endangered Species Act has become one of America's most important and effective ...

19 Dec 2016 ... Endangered animals essay - If you want to know how to make a superb ... Duties directly to a persuasive essay, an essay criticisms board our ... Importance of the Endangered Species Act | Endangered Species ... The Endangered Species Act (ESA), passed in 1973, was enacted to halt the rapid loss of plant and animal life. Frequently referred to as the crown jewel of our  ... Protecting Endangered Species | National Wildlife Federation Holding federal agencies and others accountable for complying with laws protecting rare and endangered species using cooperation, persuasion, and— where ... Argumentative Essay Example and Outline | WriteWell

I personally believe that keeping animals in zoos is definitely extremely fierce and cruel. This is an action that we, humans do to harm those lovely animals. Zoos don't keep animals and care for them well enough. Below are some reasons of why I think that keeping animals at zoos is cruel.

Introduction: Endangered Species. Conservationists argue that humans have an ethical obligation to protect other species, that diversity and natural beauty are highly prized by mankind, and that biodiversity is a vital resource: we rely on ecosystems to provide food, oxygen and natural resources, recycle wastes and fertilise soils for agriculture. Can You Convince Me? Developing Persuasive Writing ... Have them pick issues related to endangered species, use the Persuasion Map as a prewriting exercise, and write essays trying to convince others of their points of view. In addition, the lesson "Persuasive Essay: Environmental Issues" can be adapted for your students as part of this exercise. Excellent Topics For A Persuasive Essay About Animals The 20 Best Persuasive Essay Topics On Animals. When writing a persuasive essay, the writer must find convincing evidence to support his or her angle on a controversial subject and use that information to convert the reader into supporting the viewpoint. Should more be done to protect and preserve endangered ... This can cause a chain of problems such as another animals who depend on the endangered species or animals kept in control from the endangered species will also be affected. Animals that depended on the endangered species for food will face problems as well. No animal should have to suffer. Help the beautiful animals.

From Amur Leopards, Black Rhinos and Bornean Orangutans to Hawksbill Turtles, Vaquitas and bluefin tuna, there are many endangered animals that are at risk of extinction. What that means is that we are at risk of losing these animals completely.

Endangered animals have to be very well protected because if we do not take care of the few ones that are left of one species, the whole species could disappear completely. Examples of some endangered animals are: the Sea Otter, the Panda Bear, the Siberian Tiger, the American Bison, the Mountain Gorilla, and the Liberian Lynx.

Endangered species are living things whose population is so reduced that they are threatened with extinction. Thousands of species are included in this category. The International Union for the Conservation of nature and Natural Resources published a list of threatened mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and plants. Endangered species essay | Topics in English Endangered species essay where you will find the most important information about three important animals threatened by extinction and we will know the reasons for the extinction of these animals.All this is here in endangered species essay